For a Minute came to life through a project at the National Film & Television School where I was randomly given a one minute soundtrack which I had to turn into an animation in a couple of weeks. The sound by Carlos San Juan Juanchi is so eerie and atmospheric that immediately when seeing pictures of the fires in the Amazon while listening to the track on a loop I knew I had to address the topic in this project.
I started off with making the backgrounds with charcoal on paper to get the burnt feel right away. Then I imported the scans of the drawings to Blender where I camera mapped them to simple geometry to fit with the design of the CG character.

The film is my initial reaction to the current situation in the Amazon and I hope it wakes up even one viewer to think about how they can act for the cause in the long term. Below are some useful links to start from.

"Illegal deforestation is directly linked to the fires in the Amazon: the greater the clearing of the forest, the greater the number of hotspots. In fact, the ten Amazonian municipalities that registered the most fires in 2019 were also those that had the highest deforestation rates." Complicity in Destruction III. 2020. [online] Available at:

Director & animator: Matti Vesanen
Sound designer: Carlos San Juan Juanchi
Editor: Jon Crook
© National Film & Television School 2020

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